Our team

Working together as one team.

At Kien we believe that differences in personality, professional background and key competencies make all the difference in being successful as a team.

What we have in common is our passion for logistics, our dedicated and customer centric way-of-working and our thorough understanding of the critical factors surrounding the food supply chain.

And as a team we take great pride in working together with you and your organization.

Our mission

Enabling producers of chilled and frozen food products to excel in providing customer value, by adding more value to their outbound logistics.

Our people

Bringing together different disciplines, expert knowledge while sharing a common passion for logistics and innovation.

About Kien

A different way of looking at adding value and crossing bridges in logistics.

About Kien

Michael van Steen

Finance Manager
After 12 years in the accountancy business Michael worked for more than a year at a transport company before joining Kien in 2014. As a professional with a financial background he has become to feel very much at home in the logistics sector. ‘It is a fast-changing working environment where insights in financials, data and current business developments go hand in hand. This requires an ongoing focus’, says Michael.