Your benefit

Reap the benefits of sustainable collaboration in logistics in the fast changing world of logistics.

Kien introduces a new and innovative solution for food producers that choose to take the next step in optimizing their logistics.

Our integrated outsourcing and control tower solution is based on cooperative principles and shared ownership. We offer fresh and frozen food producers the unique possibility to take that next step and gain the initiative in a controlled, efficient, and transparent way. How? By becoming user and shareholder of Kien.

Innovating together

Participating in Kien means making use in a smart way of economies of scale, knowledge and smart IT systems. By bundling logistics expertise and putting sustainable innovations into practice together, it raises your total logistics performance. And against lower costs through our cost-sharing model while getting full insight into the cost and performance benefits realized. Moreover, through shared-ownership you have direct control over these benefits and your contribution in the further development of Kien’s knowledge- and systemplatform.


Your benefits by joining our logistics cooperative?

More grip on your outbound logistics performance and related decision making processes.

Better insights in the commercial opportunities and value of logistics to your customers.

Management tools, system capabilities and data analysis to support the process of improving your overall logistics performance.

Full transparency in operating costs and benefits realized through logistics service optimizations, better procurement and continuous improvement projects.

Control and right of say over the further development of the logistics cooperation as a shared owner.

Our team

Meet the faces behind Kien.

Our team