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Happy faces: Kien obtains ISO 22000 certificate

February, 2017

There were only happy faces at Kien Logistics Management on February 17th. Receiving the confirmation that the ISO 22000 certificate had been obtained lead to a very good mood. Kien already worked in compliance with international food safety rules in logistics. This has now been awarded by becoming officially ISO certified.

Kien is responsible for all outbound logistics flows of Farm Frites. As such, it represents the last part of the chain in delivering to Farm Frites’ customers. By obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate Kien makes an important step forward in putting Farm Frites’ vision further into action: ‘Growing together, from potatoes to happy faces’. Food safety and consumer health are two important elements by way of which the company aims to create these happy faces.

Passed with flying colours

The final audit in this certification process was held on Thursday, December 15th. On February 17th, the certification authority DNV GL officially announced that Kien had passed the audit with flying colours.

‘An important part of our innovative control tower concept is our mission to add value to the supply chain of Farm Frites’, says Frans Denie, director Kien. ‘In order to secure, grow and improve, ISO 22000 gives us a strong basis to build on. In our view, continuous improvement is the way to make customer intimacy more tangible’.

‘It was a challenging job’, says Wilma de Bruijn, Quality Coordinator at Kien. ‘Over the last 6 years some hard work was put in improving our systems and procedures. Now that these have been better and structurally documented, we can start focussing at learning from each other and really work on continuous improvement’.

International quality standard

ISO 22000 is an international quality standard for companies in the food industry. The standard is aimed at processes and defines the food safety criteria to comply with for products, processes and services. By obtaining this worldwide recognized certificate, companies demonstrate their ability to meet and comply with these strict requirements. In the certification process, work safety and sustainability are also included in the evaluation of a company’s processes.

About Kien Logistics Management

Kien is a logistics cooperative by and for producers acting in the global food industry. We offer you a unique business and budget proof outsourcing solution for your food logistics. Our innovative and future-oriented approach leads to more focus and control and generates sustainable cost benefits. For more information please visit or contact Frans Denie: +31 (0) 6 53 87 80 52.