Working together

Our unique proposition of integrated outsourcing and control tower intelligence within a community model.

Kien uniquely focuses on adding value to outbound logistics for producers of fresh and frozen food products. And on exploring horizontal collaboration in logistics between producers as a means to realize further optimizations in the vertical supply chain.

From our proposition of integrated outsourcing and control tower intelligence, we deliver clearly defined operational services and solutions. Further, we provide services that focus on process optimization and fulfilling managerial responsibilities in logistics management. Not organized in the traditional outsourcing sense, but as an integrated part of your business and fully attuned with your organization.

Integrated outsourcing

Managing your logistics from within

Control tower intelligence

The optimal combination of knowledge and IT system intelligence

Community building

Horizontal collaboration of producers working together

Growing together

What do we do? Kien fulfills all managerial responsibilities in logistics management. We provide your organization with the necessary controls, knowledge, processes, tools and management information. We manage your logistics from within by way of integrated outsourcing. We take care of the following:

Logistics account management

Acting as logistics knowledge partner to your commercial organization and your customers

Budget- and business rule alignment

Taking complete budget responsibility based on clearly aligned business principles and objectives

Cost and performance transparency

Creating better insights in cost and performance trade-offs based on defined logistics services

Structured procurement of transportation and logistics services

Using expert market knowledge to assess and procure the services that best fit your logistics requirements

Customized reporting - dashboard development

Translating data into valuable management information and KPI-based reporting

Continuous improvement

End-to-end and structured approach to identify and implement continuous improvements

This is what we do: Using intelligent control tower applications and processes to manage the interaction with external logistics companies. We manage the following processes:

Order & event management

Operational coordination over the exchange of order information and the execution by external service providers

Carrier management and - selection

Developing, contracting and maintaining robust and sustainable relationships with hauliers and logistics service providers

Logistics service optimization

Looking for optimization through volume bundling, service level differentiation and performance and efficiency improvements

Freight audit and payment

Controlling your freight spend and payment processes based on clearly defined financial business rules

Community of like-minded companies

Raising your own logistics capacity to a higher level stands first in building a strong community of like-minded producers of fresh and frozen food products. Producers that principally face the same challenges as you and also share the ambition to accelerate in creating sustainable logistics breakthroughs. The horizontal cooperation in logistics between producers serves as driving mechanism in identifying, developing, and implementing new opportunities for vertical supply chain optimization.

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