Your logistics

The world of logistics is fundamentally changing. It’s time to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Successful competition in the global food market is no longer a single-company battle, but a battle between value chains with producers pursuing customer intimacy and lasting customer relationships.

This puts the producer’s supply chain and logistics competitiveness into a whole new perspective. Cost and performance optimization remain of utmost importance. But by delivering intelligent, customer-oriented solutions real progress can be made in strengthening your relationship with the customer.

Not alone, but together
You can do this by yourself, but this will not bring you the desired results. This changes if you decide to effectively collaborate with strong partners in the value chain. And when you choose for an integrated approach in which deep customer understanding and complete transparency in logistics service, costs and performance are central.

A new view on Logistics
This requires a change in mindset and approach towards logistics from you as a producer. It exposes the need to move away from considering outbound logistics as a closing entry, of no value to the customer, to being a real enabler of your total service offering. Playing a key role in creating even stronger customer relationships.

Producing first-class food products

Temperature controlled storage

Global deep sea container transportation

Multimodal European distribution

Delivering globally to professional customers

Customer intimacy is achieved by delivering the best food products and the right logistics solutions to your customers.

What is most important about logistics to your customers? Knowing the answer to that question is fundamental to build strong and sustainable relationships with your customers. Your logistics is a tangible part of the service you provide to your customers. In fact, distributing or shipping the customer’s order is the final stage of your supply chain. And your customers expect nothing but the best logistics solutions, time and again.

Successful supply chain alignment requires the successful alignment of your outbound logistics.

Meeting your customers’ needs and service requirements under these challenging circumstances requires both the orchestration of your outbound logistics flows and a more effective alignment of processes. Internally between departments such as Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Service. And externally with external companies such as transport companies, logistics service providers and carriers that are involved in the execution.

Working together

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Working together