Waarom u onze volgende deelnemer kunt zijn.

U streeft ernaar om als producent uw klanten foodproducten te leveren van hoge kwaliteit en hen de juiste service te geven.

Uitgaande logistiek behoort niet tot uw kernactiviteiten, maar wordt steeds belangrijker om concurrerend te zijn en voor het realiseren van uw bedrijfsdoelstellingen.

Uw logistieke kosten maken een significant deel uit van uw totale operationele kosten, maar zijn niet transparant.

U zoekt een logistieke oplossing die voor meer focus, controle, transparantie en kostenverbeteringen zorgt.

U wilt de touwtjes in handen hebben en zelf aan het stuur zitten!

Farm Frites casus

Ontdek waarom Farm Frites gekozen heeft voor Kien

Interview met Johan van der Zande

Director Operations Europe bij Farm Frites Europe



Wilt u weten wat Kien voor u kan betekenen? Neem dan direct contact op met: Michiel Brokke.


Uw logistiek

De logistieke wereld verandert snel. Tijd om het oude los te laten en het nieuwe te omarmen.

Uw logistiek

Onze samenwerking

Een unieke propositie voor geïntegreerde uitbesteding en slimme control tower toepassingen binnen een community-model.

Onze samenwerking

Uw voordelen

Pluk in de snel veranderende logistieke wereld de voordelen van een duurzame logistieke coöperatie.

Uw voordelen


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Kien stands for a different way of looking at adding value and crossing bridges in logistics. We also like to connect with professionals who share our passion for logistics and innovation.

Are you curious about your opportunities as a professional within the Kien team?

Or are you looking for an interesting internship or final graduation assignment within a knowledge-driven logistics environment?

Then we like to get in touch with you!

Please send us an email at info@kien-logisticsmanagement.com or contact us at +31 (0) 168-385 920


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Why you could be our next member



Why you could be our next member.

You want to offer your customers high quality food products and the right service.

Outbound logistics is not your core business, but it is of growing importance to be competitive and reach your business objectives.

Your logistics cost are a significant part of your operating costs, but they are not transparent.

You’re looking for a logistics solution that brings more focus, control, transparency and costs improvements.

You want to be in control and in the driver seat!

Farm Frites case

Learn why Farm Frites started Kien

Interview with Johan van der Zande

Director Operations Europe at Farm Frites Europe (in Dutch only)



Do you want to know what Kien can do for you? Please contact: Michiel Brokke.


Your logistics

The world of logistics is fundamentally changing. It’s time to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Your logistics

Working together

Our unique proposition of integrated outsourcing, control tower intelligence and community building.

Working together

Your benefit

Reap the benefits of sustainable collaboration in the fast changing world of logistics.

Your benefit


About Kien

A different way of looking at adding value and crossing bridges in logistics.

At Kien we strongly believe in sustainable, future-proof logistics.

We believe this is truly possible through better use of knowledge and effective cooperation within and beyond the traditional supply chain. This demands new business models, innovations, and transparent supply chains and, above all, producers that take the lead.

As transparency is becoming the new norm in today’s business, supply chain efficiency, agility and end-to-end visibility become strategically important. Being fully aligned with your customers means, apart from being competitive, being able to offer complete transparency about product features, quality, costs and services.

Adding value
Adding value to your logistics as a producer means adding value to your total product offering. Full transparency in logistics costs is therefore a must. And it is an important factor to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s true demands and priorities. Creating added value to your outbound logistics is our license to operate.

Company development

Built on the heritage of farming, logistics, and entrepreneurship

Kien is a Dutch company. It is founded on cooperative business principles and by origin deeply rooted in the European and global logistics of fresh and frozen food products. The history of our business is embedded in the development of the supply chain and logistics activities of Farm Frites International, one of today’s world leading producers of potato products and specialties with customers in more than 100 countries.

Non-asset based service provider
In 2010 Kien started as a non-asset based service provider to boost logistics cost saving initiatives and coordinate the delivery of Farm Frites’ overseas shipments.

Independent logistics platform
Following a strategic reorientation in 2014 it was decided to transform Kien’s business model into a new and independent logistics platform. Kien Logistics Management was founded in 2015 to unite and bundle the outbound global logistics needs of food producing companies seeking to take the next step in sustainable supply chain collaboration.


The strong development of Farm Frites leads to growth of its logistics activities


Farm Logix is being activated by Farm Frites as a non-asset based organization to further optimize its logistics


Re-orientation of the Farm Logix model renders the strategic decision to transform to a new business model aimed at horizontal collaboration in outbound logistics


Kien is introduced as the first logistics cooperative by and for producers of chilled and frozen food products

2017 and beyond

As an independent platform Kien unites en manages the logistics of several leading member producers acting in the global food industry

Global Food Sector

From farm to fork: an integrative way of thinking about the food supply chain and logistics

The food sector has changed rapidly in the past decade. Major advancements in the retail, foodservice and wholesale environments, the use of tracking technology, smart packaging, and improved operational and IT capabilities have made it possible to export almost every food product to any part of the world at the right quality specifications.

The food supply chain has its unique logistics and regulatory challenges. At Kien we have developed a deep understanding and expertise regarding these challenges. And also about the operations and the critical factors surrounding it. Knowledge that we want to share, apply and expand.

Supply chain innovation
We recognize that innovations in food products, service concepts, packaging and technology applications will have a large impact on today’s food supply chain, from farm to fork.

Growing global concerns to improve sustainability in the entire food supply chain leads to new collaborative initiatives between supply chain partners. At Kien we are strongly committed to the notion of collaboration between producers in outbound logistics as a means to a more sustainable food supply chain.

By and for producers

A logistics cooperative model based on shared user- and ownership

Kien is a carrier-independent and trusted logistics cooperative by and for food producers.

Joining the platform as a producer means becoming both user and owner. In this role they contribute to and benefit from optimal use of the combined mass in volumes, smart IT systems and shared knowledge to drive their logistics performance forward.

Non-for-profit objective
Kien is governed by cooperative principles. Making profit is not our objective. We provide full transparency in all costs and any net-surplus principally returns to our user-owners for that matter.

Trusted partner
We act as a trusted logistics- and knowledge partner. Information confidentiality and data integrity are closely watched and secured. We apply strict compliance protocols to safeguard the use and storage of data and exchange of information with and between our member users.

Relevant downloads

Please refer to one of the following readings to learn more about the story behind Kien

Interview with Frans Denie, MD Kien

Currently in Dutch Only


Your logistics

The world of logistics is fundamentally changing. It’s time to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Your logistics

Working together

Our unique proposition of integrated outsourcing, control tower intelligence and community building.

Working together

Your benefit

Reap the benefits of sustainable collaboration in the fast changing world of logistics.

Your benefit

Our team

Working together as one team.

At Kien we believe that differences in personality, professional background and key competencies make all the difference in being successful as a team.

What we have in common is our passion for logistics, our dedicated and customer centric way-of-working and our thorough understanding of the critical factors surrounding the food supply chain.

And as a team we take great pride in working together with you and your organization.

Our mission

Enabling producers of chilled and frozen food products to excel in providing customer value, by adding more value to their outbound logistics.

Our people

Bringing together different disciplines, expert knowledge while sharing a common passion for logistics and innovation.

About Kien

A different way of looking at adding value and crossing bridges in logistics.

About Kien

Your benefit

Reap the benefits of sustainable collaboration in logistics in the fast changing world of logistics.

Kien introduces a new and innovative solution for food producers that choose to take the next step in optimizing their logistics.

Our integrated outsourcing and control tower solution is based on cooperative principles and shared ownership. We offer fresh and frozen food producers the unique possibility to take that next step and gain the initiative in a controlled, efficient, and transparent way. How? By becoming user and shareholder of Kien.

Innovating together

Participating in Kien means making use in a smart way of economies of scale, knowledge and smart IT systems. By bundling logistics expertise and putting sustainable innovations into practice together, it raises your total logistics performance. And against lower costs through our cost-sharing model while getting full insight into the cost and performance benefits realized. Moreover, through shared-ownership you have direct control over these benefits and your contribution in the further development of Kien’s knowledge- and systemplatform.


Your benefits by joining our logistics cooperative?

More grip on your outbound logistics performance and related decision making processes.

Better insights in the commercial opportunities and value of logistics to your customers.

Management tools, system capabilities and data analysis to support the process of improving your overall logistics performance.

Full transparency in operating costs and benefits realized through logistics service optimizations, better procurement and continuous improvement projects.

Control and right of say over the further development of the logistics cooperation as a shared owner.

Our team

Meet the faces behind Kien.

Our team

Working together

Our unique proposition of integrated outsourcing and control tower intelligence within a community model.

Kien uniquely focuses on adding value to outbound logistics for producers of fresh and frozen food products. And on exploring horizontal collaboration in logistics between producers as a means to realize further optimizations in the vertical supply chain.

From our proposition of integrated outsourcing and control tower intelligence, we deliver clearly defined operational services and solutions. Further, we provide services that focus on process optimization and fulfilling managerial responsibilities in logistics management. Not organized in the traditional outsourcing sense, but as an integrated part of your business and fully attuned with your organization.

Integrated outsourcing

Managing your logistics from within

Control tower intelligence

The optimal combination of knowledge and IT system intelligence

Community building

Horizontal collaboration of producers working together

Growing together

What do we do? Kien fulfills all managerial responsibilities in logistics management. We provide your organization with the necessary controls, knowledge, processes, tools and management information. We manage your logistics from within by way of integrated outsourcing. We take care of the following:

Logistics account management

Acting as logistics knowledge partner to your commercial organization and your customers

Budget- and business rule alignment

Taking complete budget responsibility based on clearly aligned business principles and objectives

Cost and performance transparency

Creating better insights in cost and performance trade-offs based on defined logistics services

Structured procurement of transportation and logistics services

Using expert market knowledge to assess and procure the services that best fit your logistics requirements

Customized reporting - dashboard development

Translating data into valuable management information and KPI-based reporting

Continuous improvement

End-to-end and structured approach to identify and implement continuous improvements

This is what we do: Using intelligent control tower applications and processes to manage the interaction with external logistics companies. We manage the following processes:

Order & event management

Operational coordination over the exchange of order information and the execution by external service providers

Carrier management and - selection

Developing, contracting and maintaining robust and sustainable relationships with hauliers and logistics service providers

Logistics service optimization

Looking for optimization through volume bundling, service level differentiation and performance and efficiency improvements

Freight audit and payment

Controlling your freight spend and payment processes based on clearly defined financial business rules

Community of like-minded companies

Raising your own logistics capacity to a higher level stands first in building a strong community of like-minded producers of fresh and frozen food products. Producers that principally face the same challenges as you and also share the ambition to accelerate in creating sustainable logistics breakthroughs. The horizontal cooperation in logistics between producers serves as driving mechanism in identifying, developing, and implementing new opportunities for vertical supply chain optimization.

Your benefit

Are you ready to take the next step in the new world of logistics?

Your benefit

Your logistics

The world of logistics is fundamentally changing. It’s time to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Successful competition in the global food market is no longer a single-company battle, but a battle between value chains with producers pursuing customer intimacy and lasting customer relationships.

This puts the producer’s supply chain and logistics competitiveness into a whole new perspective. Cost and performance optimization remain of utmost importance. But by delivering intelligent, customer-oriented solutions real progress can be made in strengthening your relationship with the customer.

Not alone, but together
You can do this by yourself, but this will not bring you the desired results. This changes if you decide to effectively collaborate with strong partners in the value chain. And when you choose for an integrated approach in which deep customer understanding and complete transparency in logistics service, costs and performance are central.

A new view on Logistics
This requires a change in mindset and approach towards logistics from you as a producer. It exposes the need to move away from considering outbound logistics as a closing entry, of no value to the customer, to being a real enabler of your total service offering. Playing a key role in creating even stronger customer relationships.

Producing first-class food products

Temperature controlled storage

Global deep sea container transportation

Multimodal European distribution

Delivering globally to professional customers

Customer intimacy is achieved by delivering the best food products and the right logistics solutions to your customers.

What is most important about logistics to your customers? Knowing the answer to that question is fundamental to build strong and sustainable relationships with your customers. Your logistics is a tangible part of the service you provide to your customers. In fact, distributing or shipping the customer’s order is the final stage of your supply chain. And your customers expect nothing but the best logistics solutions, time and again.

Successful supply chain alignment requires the successful alignment of your outbound logistics.

Meeting your customers’ needs and service requirements under these challenging circumstances requires both the orchestration of your outbound logistics flows and a more effective alignment of processes. Internally between departments such as Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Service. And externally with external companies such as transport companies, logistics service providers and carriers that are involved in the execution.

Working together

Meet our unique proposition of integrated outsourcing and control tower intelligence within a community model.

Working together